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Hello! My name is Gwyneth. I'm a 17 year old Lolita living in Australia. I mainly wear Sweet and gothic lolita, but i wear other styles as well. In the links you can find my reviews, ootd's and selfies, and discount codes for stores that sell things such as makeup and harajuku fashion. If you have any questions feel free to ask or to check my FAQ :)
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Anonymous asked:
Hello~ do you think you would try classic lolita sometime? are there any classic dresses/skirts you are interested in atm? :) & finally; what is your next lolita purchase going to be?

I do own some classic and have worn it :) I’m actually planning to slowly move into classic lolita after a while. I’ll still wear sweet and some sweet prints, but i’ll probably end up buying more colourways that can be coorded in a more classic way. I’m planning on doing a big end of year haul and getting a bunch of things i need, like more accessories and shoes, and a new coat. + a bunch of new things for gothic lolita :)

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♥ Creamy cookie ♥ Necklace
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